N:1 mirroring support on S series switch


S series switches all support N:1 mirroring, in which packets are copied from N mirrored ports to one observing port, and there is no limit on the number specified by N.

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How to define the S-series switch has mirrored successfully
For S series switches, there are usually two ways to determine whether a mirror is successful: - Run command display interface brief to check whether the port usage is significantly increased. - View the monitoring device which connect to observing-port , whether the capture-packet software capture package successfully(commonly used wireshark).

How to locate the cause of a mirroring failure on an S series switch
If mirroring fails on an S series switch (except the S1700), locate the cause by referring to Fault Locating Guide-Software Troubleshooting-Mirroring. If you have no access permission, contact Huawei technical support personnel.

Do CE series switches support M:N mirroring
CE series switches support M:N mirroring. That is, packets on M ports can be copied to N observing ports.

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