During AR upgrade, the memory space is insufficient


Root cause:
When you use the delete command to delete the file, the file is not directly deleted from the storage medium. Instead, the file is moved to the recycle bin and still occupies the memory space.
If the remaining storage space is smaller than the size of the file to be copied during the upgrade, check the directories of the storage, delete useless files, and clear the recycle bin to enlarge the memory space. If the space is insufficient, you can press Ctrl+B to enter the BootLoad menu, delete the existing version, copy the new version, and upgrade the device. In this way, you can solve the problem of insufficient memory space.

Other related questions:
How to ensure sufficient storage space during a device upgrade
In the device storage space, there are often two system software files with file name extension *.cc, and only one of the two files is in use. You can delete the other idle system software file to release the storage space. Perform the following operations to delete the idle system software file: Run the display startup command to check the currently running system software file. Run the delete /unreserved filename command to delete the idle system software file. NOTE: When /unreserved is not specified in the delete command, run the reset recycle-bin command to permanently delete the idle system software file from the recycle bin. In this manner, you can release storage space.

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