Meaning of the CAR granularity on S series switches


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Meaning of VRPI process in CPU usage on S series switches
On S series switches, the VRPI process loads configurations. When a switch starts, you need to load the configuration, which causes high CPU usage of this process. After the configuration is loaded, the CPU usage is restored to normal state.

Explanations for logs and alarms on S series switches
To view the explanations of logs or alarms on S series switches, log in to Huawei Enterprise Product & Service Support , click Switch, and then download the Log Reference and Alarm Handling of your device version.

The difference of configuring CAR at interface view and global on S series switch box device
For the S series frame switch, the interface configuration of the CAR only limit the interface speed. When configure CAR at system view and define slot parameter, all interface of this slot will share this CAR. When configure CAR at sysetem view without defining slot parameter, all interfaces on every board share this CAR. For example, configured inbound CAR as 5000kbit/s: - If this is applied to the interface, the speed limit is only for this interface. This interface can receive up to 5000kbit/s. - If this is configured at system view and specified slot parameter, the sum rate of all the interfaces on this slot on the board is 5000kbit/s; - If this is configured at system view without specified slot parameter, the rate at all the interfaces on this device receive packets is up to 5000kbit/s.

How to configure CAR parameters for S series switches
When the S-series switch (except the S1700) is configured with a speed limit, you need to configure parameters such as cir cir-value and cbs cbs-value, where cir cir-value is the guaranteed rate of information, that is, the average rate that can be guaranteed. Cbs cbs-value means Commit burst size, that is, instantly through the promised burst traffic. For example, if you want to configure a speed limit of 4 Mbit / s, configure cir-value = 4 * 1024 kbit / s = 4096 kbit / s. Cbs-value is configured to be 100-200 times the cir-value. If the user does not configure cbs-value, the device will automatically specify it as the default.

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