Whether S series switch frame device configuration can configure speed limit after the link port


S series switch frame device support to configure inbound speed limit function at Eth-Trunk interface(using the command QoS car), after the configuration:
- If the members are on different board, then every interface enjoy alone the speed.
- If the members are on the same board, then every interface share the speed, and the shared bandwidth is shared in a random manner.

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ARP rate limiting on S series switch
An S series switch, except S1700, can limit the rate of ARP packets and ARP Miss messages. When the switch receives many ARP packets, configure ARP packet rate limiting to prevent CPU overloading. When the switch receives many IP packets of which the destination IP addresses cannot be resolved, the switch generates a large number of ARP Miss messages, delivers temporary ARP entries and sends may ARP request packets to the destination network. This increases CPU load and consumes bandwidth. To avoid IP packet attacks, configure ARP Miss rate limiting on the switch.

After ARP attack defense is configured on S series switches, whether the device can defend against ARP attacks
For S series switches, the ARP attack defense function can only defend against appropriate ARP attacks after it is configured. For example: The rate limit on ARP Miss messages can only mitigate the impact of ARP Miss attacks, but cannot shield them. Also, ARP packet attacks and ARP spoofing attacks cannot be prevented. ARP gateway anti-collision can only defend against attacks from bogus gateways, but cannot shield ARP flood attacks and ARP gateway spoofing attacks.

The unit of S series switch speed limit
S series switches (except S1700) speed limit is kbit/s.

Whether S series switches support the speed limit per IP address
S series switches (except S1700) do not support the speed limit per IP address

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