Do all Huawei switches support IPSG


All models of switches, except S2700SI support IPSG.

Other related questions:
Do Layer 3 Ethernet interfaces support IPSG
Layer 3 Ethernet interfaces do not support IPSG. Only Layer 2 Ethernet interfaces support IPSG.

Types of packets checked by S series switches with IPSG enabled
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), IPSG takes effect only for IP packets (except DHCP packets) but not for packets of other types such as ARP or PPPoE. With IPSG enabled, an S series switch checks only IPv4 packets in versions earlier than V200R001 and checks all IPv4 and IPv6 packets in V200R001 and later versions.

Whether S series switches support IPSG
All S series switches except the following support IPSG: S1700 switches S2700-SI switches W series cards of S7700, S9700, and S1270 switches S9300 of earlier versions than V100R002 For switches that do not support IPSG, you can run the mac-address static vlan command to configure static MAC addresses and run the mac-address learning disable command to disable MAC address learning on interfaces to realize a function similar to IPSG.

Do all CE series switches support stacking
All CE series switch models in all versions support stacking.

Do all Huawei APs support Mesh functions
Starting from V200R003C00, all Huawei APs support the Mesh function except the AD9430DN-24 (including the mapping RRUs), AD9430DN-12 (including the mapping RRUs), AP7030DE, AP9330DN, AP6310SN-GN, AP2030DN and AP2010DN.

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