How to view login information on the AR router


You can run the display users command to check login information on each user interface. The login information including user names and IP address and user authorization information is displayed.
[Huawei] display users
User-Intf Delay Type Network Address AuthenStatus AuthorcmdFlag
129 VTY 0 00:00:00 TEL pass
Username : user1
+ 130 VTY 1 00:00:00 TEL pass
Username : user2

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How to download the terminal simulation software on an AR router
The iPOP or SecureCRT is used when the console port or MiniUSB port is used for login. You can search for the software at the website and install the software according to the software user guide or online help.

How to record information of remote login
By default, the lowest severity of output logs and user logs are 4 and 5, respectively. Therefore, information of remote login is not displayed. In the system view, you can run the info-center source default channel logbuffer log level notification command to set the severity of output logs to 5 (notification). In this way, you can view information of remote login through logs.

How to view log information of an AR
Log information of an AR is stored in the log buffer first. When the log buffer is full, the system automatically saves log information in the log buffer to a storage medium of the AR. The log file is automatically generated by the system, with the file name extension *.log or *.dblg.
1. The following describes how to view a log file and log buffer using commands.
- To check the log file name, run the dir command in the user view.
 <Huawei>dir /all                                                        
Directory of flash:/                                                            
  Idx  Attr     Size(Byte)  Date        Time(LMT)  FileName                     
    0  -rw-        516,885  Feb 14 2009 02:13:14
    1  -rw-        479,440  Jan 17 2009 04:10:43
    2  -rw-        484,459  Jan 25 2009 19:35:59
    3  -rw-        160,660  Mar 17 2009 14:27:58  
- To view log information saved in the log file, run the following command:display logfile file-name //file-name indicates the name of a log file.
- To view log information in the log buffer, run the following command:display logbuffer

2. To view a log file and log buffer in the web management system, perform the following operations:
Log in to the web management system, choose System Management > Log Management, and you can view and operate logs.

How do I view login records of L2TP VPN users on the AR router
You cannot view login records of L2TP VPN users on the AR router.

Accessing the interface configuration view on the USG2000&5000&6000
Perform as follows to view login interface information of the USG: system-view [FW] interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1 [FW] display interface GigabitEthernet Note: Interface 1/0/1 is used as an example.

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