Does MFF allow online users to retain online after the switch restarts


In V100R006 and later versions, when both MFF and DHCP snooping are enabled, you can use the dhcp snooping user-bind autosave file-name command to back up DHCP snooping binding entries in a specified file. This configuration allows online users to retain online after the switch restarts. Note that the backup file saves only the first gateway address of users.

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How many concurrent online SSL VPN users are supported on an AR
If only the value-added package for security services is purchased, a device supports a maximum of two concurrent online users. A maximum of 10, 25, or 100 concurrent online users are supported using a license.

Why is a user not displayed as Online on the RADIUS server after the user succeeds in S series switch authentication
In general, the RADIUS server identifies whether users are online by determining whether the accounting function is enabled rather than whether the user performs the authenticating operation. If a user succeeds in authentication but does not perform accounting, the RADIUS server considers that the user is offline. Therefore, check whether the accounting function is correctly enabled in the scenario where the accounting function is applied.

Restarting the iBMC of a server
Log in to the iBMC CLI, and run the ipmcset -d reset command.

Retaining online services of clients connected to a faulty node
The InfoEqualizer feature introduces dynamic IP addresses, which each corresponds to a dynamic domain name. If domain names are not resolved, when clients access a node using the node's IP address and the node becomes faulty later, this IP address can automatically "float" to another node.

Online users supported by the OceanStor 9000 online lab
OceanStor 9000 allows a maximum of 10 users to be online at the same time. If more than 10 users are logged in, they will take a long time to refresh the network management page. Only 15% memory is reserved for the system and subject to fluctuations based on the service volume.

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