How to connect the AR router to the HyperTerminal


When you log in to the device through the console port, you need to install the terminal access software on the local PC (such as SecureCRT software) and set parameters of the terminal simulation software.

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How to download the terminal simulation software on an AR router
The iPOP or SecureCRT is used when the console port or MiniUSB port is used for login. You can search for the software at the website and install the software according to the software user guide or online help.

How can an AR router correctly connect to an ACS
1. Ensure that the AR router can ping the ACS successfully. 2. Ensure that the AR router is configured with the same URL as the ACS. 3. Run the undo cwmp enable command and then the cwmp enable command in the CWMP view of the AR router to trigger a session connection. 4. If no connection is established, the AR router and ACS may fail to exchange packets. Capture packets on the ACS to locate the packet exchange failure. After the packet exchange failure is rectified, perform step 3 again to trigger a session connection.

How does the IP phone connected to the AR router work properly
When the AR1220V, AR1220W, or AR1220VW connects to an IP phone and the IP phone has no external power supply, the IP phone must be connected to the FE4, FE5, FE6, or FE7 interface on the SRU and the AR router must be connected to an external power supply. When other models are connected to IP phones, IP phones must be connected to external power supplies.

Maximum number of APs allowed to connect to an AR router used as the AC
1.AR100&AR110&AR120&AR150&AR160&AR200, AR100-S&AR110-S&AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S, AR500&AR510: 8; 2.AR1200 series, AR2201-48FE, AR2202-48FE, AR2204, AR2204-51GE-P, AR2204-51GE, AR2204-51GE-R, AR2204-27GE-P, AR2204-27GE, AR2204E, AR2204E-D, AR1200-Sseries, AR2201-48FE-S, AR2204-S, SRG1300series, SRG2304: 12; 3.AR2220-AC,AR2220-DC,AR2220L-AC,AR2220L-DC, AR2220E, AR2240(SRU40,SRU60), AR3260(SRU40,SRU60), AR2220-S, AR2240-S(SRU40), AR3260-S(SRU40), SRG2320-AC, SRG2320-DC, SRG2320E, SRG3300series(SRU40,SRUC): 16; 4.AR2240(SRU80, SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260(SRU80,SRU100,SRU100E), AR3260E-S(SRU100E), SRG3300series(SRU80,SRUF,SRU100E): 32; 5.AR2240(SRU200,SRU200E), AR3260(SRU200,SRU200E), SRG3300series(SRU200,SRU200E), MSP20(NE16EX-6): 64; 6.AR2240(SRU400), AR3260(SRU400), MSP40(NE16EX-8): 128;

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