what is the function for blacklist?


the switch will drop all the packets which is matched to blacklist.

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What is the function of MBGP
In MSDP, the unicast route for the RPF check can be an IGP route or a BGP route. MBGP only separates the unicast routing table and the multicast routing table through the related address family to support different unicast topologies and multicast topologies. Unicast and multicast can adopt the same topology.

What are the functions of Loader?
Compared with conventional Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), Loader has the following advantage and disadvantage: 1. Advantage: Loader uses a MapReduce-based parallel computing architecture as the underlying architecture, which delivers a faster data processing speed than ETL. 2. Disadvantage: Compared with ETL, Loader focuses more on the data import and export function of FusionInsight Hadoop and is weak in data conversion.

What is the function of Oozie?
Oozie is an open source workflow engine that is used to schedule and coordinate Hadoop jobs.

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