How do I obtain the web page file


The system software contains the web page file. After new system software is loaded to the device, the web page file is directly decompressed from the system software and saved to the memory.

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How do I load a license file through the web on the AR router
To load a license file on the AR router, perform the following steps: 1. Choose System Management > License Management to enter the license management page. 2. Click Browse to select the license file to be uploaded. 3. Click Activate to activate the license file.

How to obtain a license file on the AR
After the license is successfully activated upon authorization, you can load the license file directly or download the license file on the NE management page.

Method used to apply for a FusionInsight HD license?
After the software is installed, apply for and load a license promptly. For details, see the license guide of the corresponding version at

Obtaining server MIB
Management information base (MIB) needs the privilege.To obtain the management information base (MIB) of a server, log in to http: //, and find the MIB based on your server model. For example, to obtain the MIB of RH2285H V2, go to http: //!getSoftwareInfo.action?nodePath=fixnode01|7919749|9856522|9856792|9580446|19888577|19888578|19888580|21331599&idAbsPath=fixnode01|7919749|9856522|9856792|9580446&version=RH2285H+V2+V100R002C00SPC112&hidExpired=0&contentId=SW1000090236

How do I obtain the vMCU installation file?
To obtain the vMCU installation file, visit: SMC2.0 Enterprise V600R006C00

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