What accuracy can Y.1731 of an S series switch achieve


S series modular switches with an ES0D00FSUA00 enhanced flexible service subcard can achieve microsecond-level detection. Otherwise, a switch in normal cases can achieve 1 ms detection, and the detection time may be 30 ms in extreme conditions. The average accuracy of jitter measurement is 50 ms.

S series fixed switches including S5700LI, S5700SI, S5700S-LI, and S2750 support an average latency of 1 ms, which may be 30 ms in some cases. It is recommended that S5700HI switches be used when customers have high requirements on performance.

On average, S600-E series switches support 1 ms latency, which sometimes may extend to 30 ms.

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DHCP functions of S series switches
DHCP dynamically configures and uniformly manages network parameters of hosts on a TCP/IP network. DHCP provides the following functions: - Dynamic allocation: DHCP allocates an IP address with a limited validity period (called lease) to a client. This mechanism applies to hosts that temporarily connect to a network with fewer IP addresses than the total number of hosts and hosts do not need to permanently connect to the network. For example, this mechanism can be used to allocate IP addresses to laptops used by employees on business trips or mobile terminals in cafes. - Static allocation: Fixed IP addresses are assigned to specified hosts. This mechanism applies to hosts with special IP address requirements. For example, the file server of an enterprise needs to use a fixed IP address to provide services for extranet users. Compared with manual IP address configuration, DHCP static allocation prevents manual configuration errors and helps network administrators perform unified maintenance and management. DHCP can allocate other network parameters except for the IP address to hosts, including the DNS server address, routing information, and gateway address.

Can S series switches support BFD
S series switches' (except S1700 switches) support for BFD is described as follows: - S2700 series: not supported - S3700 series: not supported by SI series, but supported by EI and HI series - S5700 series: not supported by SI and LI series, but supported by EI and HI series - S6700 series: supported - S7700 series: supported - S9700 series: supported - S9300 series: supported - S12700 series: supported

S series switches enabled with SNMP achieve network management across network segments
S series switches (except S1700) can achieve network management across network segments as long as there are reachable routes.

Full name of ITU-T Y.1731
The full name of ITU-T Y.1731 is "OAM functions and mechanisms for Ethernet based networks".

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