Determine the VRRP master and backup devices for an S series switch


The following methods can be used to determine VRRP master and backup devices for S series switches:

- Specify master and backup devices in a VRRP group by setting different priorities. The device of a higher priority functions as a master, and the device of a lower priority functions as a backup.

- When two devices of the same priority restart, the device that switches to the master state first functions as the master. The purpose is to decrease an unnecessary switchover.

Other related questions:
Can VRRP Master and Backup Share One License for Extended Functions and Resources?
A license can be shared by all device ESNs only when the devices set up a CSS/stack. In other scenarios including the VRRP scenario, a separate license needs to be purchased for each device.

In case of an active NIC failure, whether a VRRP master/backup switchover occurs when an S series switch functions as a VRRP server
After VRRP is configured on S series switches (S1700 excluded), the VRRP master/backup switchover occurs in case of an active NIC failure on the server to ensure normal traffic forwarding.

Whether multiple S series switches can form a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. S series switches (S1700 excluded) support a VRRP group composed of one master and multiple backups. Typically, VRRP is configured on two devices.

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