Can the upper-layer device of a VRRP device be configured as the gateway for S series switches


For S series switches (except the S1700), the upper-layer device of a VRRP device cannot be configured as the gateway. If you need to configure it, you are advised to use the Smart Link function.

Other related questions:
Whether the S series low-level switches can be used as gateway devices
It is recommended to choose a more high-level series of three-layer switch as a gateway device.

Can CE series switches interwork with non-Huawei devices through VRRP
VRRP is a public protocol and can interwork with non-Huawei devices.

Can the U1900 series unified gateway interconnect with a third-party device
The U1900 series unified gateway supports the standard SIP protocol. If a third-party device uses the SIP protocol, you can try interconnecting this device with the U1900. During interconnection testing, run the following command to set the value of software parameter 286 to 0: config softargu type 286 value 0.

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