How is the VRRP status negotiated when the same priority is set for devices in the VRRP group


When devices in the VRRP group use the same priority:

If the VRRP master and slave are determined, the VRRP status is not negotiated again.

If two masters exist before devices in the VRRP group exchange heartbeat packets, the VRRP status is negotiated as follows:

If the source IP address of a received heartbeat packet on the local end is larger than the primary IP address of the interface, the local device switches to the Backup state. Otherwise, the local end discards the heartbeat packet and retains in Master state.

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Why have I failed to configure priority 255 of a router in a VRRP group
In a VRRP backup group, the priority of 255 is reserved for the IP address owner and cannot be manually configured.

Whether multiple S series switches can form a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. S series switches (S1700 excluded) support a VRRP group composed of one master and multiple backups. Typically, VRRP is configured on two devices.

Can S series switches interconnect with non-Huawei devices to set up a VRRP group
S600-E series switches do not support VRRP. VRRP supported by S series switches (S1700 excluded) comply with the standard protocol, so these switches can interconnect with other devices that comply with the VRRP standard protocol.

VRRP configuration on an AC
For details about how to configure VRRP on an AC, see of the AC in V200R006.

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