BFD and VRRP association on S series switch


For details about BFD for VRRP configuration on an S series switch, except S1700, see Example for Configuring Association Between VRRP and BFD to Implement a Rapid Active/Standby Switchover in the S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700&S7700&S9700 Typical Configuration of Typical Features.The configurations on all models are the same.

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Method used to configure association between BFD and VRRP on the AR
Run the vrrp vrid virtual-router-id track bfd-session session-id peer command to enable VRRP to monitor the BFD session status to implement an active/standby switchover.

interface Vlanif1
ip address
vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip
vrrp vrid 1 priority 90
vrrp vrid 1 track bfd-session 20 increased 20 //Associate VRRP with BFD to implement a rapid active/standby switchover.
vrrp vrid 2 virtual-ip //VRRP groups 1 and 2 implement load balancing.
vrrp vrid 2 track bfd-session 20 reduced 20
traffic-policy 0 inbound //Implement differentiated service through PBR.

Why can association between BFD session status and interface status on S series switches be used only on multicast BFD sessions
For S series switches, a multicast BFD session uses multicast packets and is not affected by the protocol status on an interface. When the BFD session goes Down and the protocol status on the interface changes to BFDSatusDown, multicast BFD packets can still be sent. After the link recovers, the multicast BFD session becomes Up after negotiation. As a result, the interface is unlocked and becomes Up. Unicast packets, however, cannot be sent or received after the protocol status on the interface goes Down, which causes deadlock.

Can S series switches support BFD
S series switches' (except S1700 switches) support for BFD is described as follows: - S2700 series: not supported - S3700 series: not supported by SI series, but supported by EI and HI series - S5700 series: not supported by SI and LI series, but supported by EI and HI series - S6700 series: supported - S7700 series: supported - S9700 series: supported - S9300 series: supported - S12700 series: supported

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