How to check the status of AP on the S switch?


Sx7 serials and S5720HI , we can input commands display ap all。For example�? display ap all
All AP(s) information:
AP AP AP Profile AP AP
ID Type MAC ID State Sysname
0 AP6010DN-AGN dcd2-fc21-5d40 0/0 normal ap-0
1 AP6010DN-AGN dcd2-fc9a-2110 0/0 normal ap-1
2 AP6010DN-AGN 1047-80ac-cc60 0/0 normal ap-2
3 AP6010DN-AGN fc48-ef2d-3b00 0/0 normal ap-3
Total number: 4,printed: 4
AP State has 4 types:
- normal:this is correct state
- type-not-match:the AP type is mismatch
- fault:AP faulty�?if AP is offline, it is also this state.
- config :AP initializes the configuration
- config-failed:AP initialization failed
- download:AP version is updating and load the system software.
- committing:WLAN service is being sutmited.
- commit-failed:WLAN service is submited failed.
- standby:backup AC state
- ver-mismatch:AP and AC's version is mismatched

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How to check the configuration of the interface of an AR router
You can run the following commands to check the basic parameter configuration of an interface: - Run the display interface command to check the current running status of the interface, including the running status and basic configuration of the interface and the status of the packets forwarded by the interface. - Run the display interface brief command to check brief information about the status and configuration of the interface, including the physical state and protocol state of the interface, bandwidth utilization rate in transmitting and receiving directions in the recent period, and the number of error packets that are sent and received. - Run the display ip interface command to check the main configuration of the interface. - Run the display default-parameter interface command to check the default configuration of the interface. - Run the display interface description command to check the description of the interface. - Run the display interface counters { inbound | outbound } command to check the statistics of the packets sent or received by the physical interface.

Check the PoE status on an S series switch
Command for displaying PoE status of S series switches:

<HUAWEI> display poe information
PSE Information of slot 0:
    User Set Max Power(mW)     : 739200     //Set the maximum output power. Use the maximum power by default.
    POE Power Supply(mW)       : 369600     //PoE power supply, which is determined by the PoE power supply configured on the device.
    Available Total Power(mW)  : 369600     //Total available power.
    Total Power Consumption(mW): 0          //Total output power.     
    Power Peak Value(mW)       : 0          //Peak output power.  
    Power-Management Mode      : auto
    Power High Inrush          : disable

<HUAWEI> display poe power interface gigabitethernet 0/0/3
Port PD power(mW)           : 3710          //Output power of the interface.                                           
Port PD class               : 2             //Classes of PDs. The system classifies PDs based on their maximum power.                                           
Port PD reference power(mW) : 7000          //Reference power of the PD.                                   
Port user set max power(mW) : 15400         //Set the maximum output power of the port.                                    
Port PD peak power(mW)      : 3816          //Peak power of the PDs connected to the port.                                          
Port PD average power(mW)   : 3487          //Average power of the PDs connected to the port.    

How to check the circuit status of PRA
Run the show tkc officeno x command, where the variable x indicates the office route number of the trunk. If the status is IDLE, the circuit is functional.

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