Which operations do I perform when a commercial license for capacity expansion is required


When capacity expansion is required, purchase the new control item and perform the following operations.
1.Log in to the license management system:
Enterprise service: ESDP at http://app.huawei.com/isdp
2.Activate the license through the device ESN. The system combines the original license file and license file for capacity expansion and generates a new license file.
3.Download the new license file and activate it.

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How do I expand the commercial license capacity of the AR router
For expansion of the commercial license, purchase new license control items separately and perform the following operations: 1. Log in to the license release system at http://app.huawei.com/isdp. 2. Use the ESN of a device corresponding to the license for expansion to activate the license file. The device automatically combines the existing license file with the license file expansion and generates a new license file. 3. Download and activate the new license file.

How to split the AC license
A license file can be split into multiple ones as required. The following operations apply only to commercial licenses: 1. Obtain the revocation code and ESN of the license to be split, as well as the ESN of all involved ACs. 2. Clarify the license resource adjustment targets. 3. Send the preceding information to license@huawei.com to apply for a license file split.

How can I use the original commercial license when the temporary license expires?
Use the original commercial license when the temporary license expires as follows: Query the original license on the license website based on the device ESN or send an email to License@hauwei.com and provide the ESN.

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