How many FTP users can log in to a router simultaneously


Five FTP users can log in to a router simultaneously.

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How Many Topics Can a User Create?

A user can create a maximum of 3000 topics.

How Many Firewalls Can a User Have?

A user can have a maximum of 200 firewalls. It is recommended that you configure a maximum of 20 inbound or outbound rules for each firewall. If more than 20 inbound or outbound rules are configured, the forwarding performance will deteriorate.

Number of concurrent server BMC connections
The WebUI of server iBMC or iMana supports a maximum of four concurrent logins. The CLI supports a maximum of five concurrent logins.

Can multiple users log in to the SMC1.0 simultaneously?
If the required license is available, the SMC1.0 allows simultaneous logins from multiple users.

How many API users at most can log in to a VCT endpoint concurrently?
One VCT endpoint allows at most 10 users to log in through the API and the web interface at the same time.

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