Why does the system display the message "Error:System is busy, please try again later" when the display current-configuration command is being executed


This message is displayed when the display saved-configuration command used by another user is displaying the command output.

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Why does the system display a message indicating that there is no right when you configure user-interface vty or user-interface console
Users on the console port are at level 15. Only the user at level 15 can access the user console interface. Users on the VTY user interface at level 0. If the user level is upgraded to level 15 using the following command, the system displays a message indicating that the user level is too low. user-interface vty 0 4 authentication-mode aaa user privilege level 15 protocol inbound ssh Example: [huawei]user-interface vty 0 4 Error: The user level is too low.

Why are executed commands recorded in log files but cannot be displayed by the display logbuffer command
Information in the log buffer differs from information in log files because they use different channels of the information center. Log files record more information than the log buffer. The log buffer has a higher information level and records more important than log files. As logs have a lower information level, they are not saved in the log buffer. You can use the following command to set a lower level for the logs sent to the log buffer: [HUAWEI] info-center source SHELL channel logbuffer log level informationalRun some commands and use the display logbuffer command to check the logs in the log buffer. These commands will be displayed.

An error message is displayed during the mirroring configuration on an S series switch
If an error message similar to the following is displayed when you configure the mirroring function on an S series switch: Error: Insufficient observe-port resource. It indicates that the number of configured observing ports has reached the upper limit. To perform new mirroring configuration, delete unnecessary mirroring configurations or other service configurations that use observing port resources. For example, MPLS OAM or BFD configuration consumes observing port resources on some devices. Alternatively, use other features to implement traffic monitoring.

A message indicating that the system is busy is displayed when the information collection tool fails to be used
This message displays because some devices do not support operations by multi-users. If a device is being used by more than one user, the information collection fails and this message is displayed.

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