How can I configure IGMP snooping proxy to support IGMPv3


To configure IGMP snooping proxy to support IGMPv3, perform the following configuration:

1. In the system view:
igmp-snooping enable
2. In the VLAN view:
igmp-snooping enable
igmp-snooping version 3
igmp-snooping proxy enable

The preceding configuration implements IGMP snooping proxy for IGMP v1/v2/3.

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IGMP snooping configuration on S series switch
With IGMP snooping configured, the switch listens to and analyzes IGMP packets exchanged between multicast users and the upstream router, and creates Layer 2 multicast forwarding entries based on IGMP packet information. Multicast data packets are then forwarded based on the Layer 2 multicast forwarding entries, instead of being broadcast on the Layer 2 network. For example, to enable IGMP snooping in VLAN 10 on an S series switch, except S1700, run the following commands: [HUAWEI] igmp-snooping enable //Enable IGMP snooping globally. [HUAWEI] vlan 10 [HUAWEI-vlan10] igmp-snooping enable //Enable IGMP snooping in the VLAN.

How is IGMPv3 snooping proxy configured on an S series switch
For S series switches excluding the S1700, when IGMPv3 snooping proxy, perform the following configurations: 1. System view: igmp-snooping enable 2. VLAN view: igmp-snooping enable igmp-snooping version 3 igmp-snooping proxy enable The device provides IGMPv1/v2/v3 proxy.

Difference between IGMP snooping and IGMP snooping proxy on an S series switch
IGMP snooping and IGMP snooping proxy have the same functions but different mechanisms. IGMP snooping obtains required information by listening to IGMP messages; IGMP snooping proxy intercepts and suppresses IGMP requests of terminal users, and then forwards the requests to the router. The Layer 2 network device with IGMP Snooping Proxy configured functions as a server on the user side. It periodically queries user information. On the network side, this switch functions as a client and reports user information after receiving query messages. Therefore, IGMP snooping proxy can not only suppress multicast packets on Layer 2 network, but also reduce the total number of protocol packets on the network. The proxy router is required for maintaining and calculating entry status changes, so the implementation is more complex and the cost is added.

Can S series switches use SSM mapping to convert the version of IGMP messages
Although SSM mapping takes effect only for IGMPv3 messages in a VLAN, the switch does not convert IGMPv2 messages into IGMPv3 messages before sending the messages to router ports. You can configure IGMP snooping proxy or IGMP snooping Report suppression on the switch to enable the switch to send IGMPv3 messages to the upstream device.

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