What are functions of shortcut keys ESC_B and ESC_F


ESC_B moves the cursor forward one word, while ESC_F moves the cursor back one word.

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How to configure the RADIUS authentication shared key on an S series switch
The RADIUS shared key is used to encrypt packets exchanged between an access device and a RADIUS server, ensuring security of packet transmission. The RADIUS shared key configured on the access device must be the same as that configured on the RADIUS server. If an S series switch (a non-S1700 switch) functions as an access device, configure the RADIUS shared key as follows: [HUAWEI] radius-server template shiva [HUAWEI-radius-shiva] radius-server shared-key cipher Huawei@2012

Method of installing eService
For details about how to install eService, see the eService User Guide that is obtained by logging in to Huawei Enterprise Service Support.

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