How is the V200R001C01 flash file system improved


The self-check function is added.
Files are deleted in the background.
File read/write performance is improved.

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How is the heat dissipation system improved
The heat dissipation system of the S7700&S9700 is improved in the following aspects: To facilitate cabling, the air exhaust vent is moved from the right side to the rear side of the chassis. The fan tray is in the right-rear area of the chassis. The left-to-rear ventilation path improves the heat dissipation performance. Each fan tray contains two fans. When a fan fails, the other one can support system running for a certain period. This improves system stability.

What files will be displayed in the flash memory in addition to the default startup system software package and configuration file
After a device is powered on, it initializes the configuration by reading the configuration file from the flash memory. When you run the dir flash: command in the user view, the following information is displayed: dir flash: Directory of flash:/ Idx Attr Size(Byte) Date Time FileName 0 -rw- 812 Jan 01 2008 00:00:56 private-data.txt 1 -rw- 948 Jan 01 2008 07:16:55 2 -rw- 90,602 Jan 03 2008 03:58:15 v200r008sph001.pat 3 -rw- 6,418,980 Jan 19 2008 20:19:42 4 -rw- 12,240 Jan 03 2008 04:52:43 $_patchstate_reboot 14,632 KB total (8,228 KB free) In the command output: -The private-data.txt file saves service initialization data. Initialization data of some tasks is irrelevant to the configuration and is not recorded in the configuration file. The private-data.txt file records initialization data of these tasks, for example, the number of times the device restarts. -The $_patchstate_reboot file records the patch status. This file is created after the device runs a patch and cannot be deleted. The file records the status of all patches, for example, the active state and running state. -The v200r008sph001.pat is a patch file. The file name extension of patch files is .pat. Sometimes, the flash memory saves a notilogindex.txt file. If a destination host is configured for Inform traps, the number recorded in this file is used as the initial serial number and filled in the Request ID field in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) packets. The system starts a timer when the SNMP task starts and updates the file every 12 hours.

How is the lightningstrikerecord.txt file in the flash memory of the S2700 generated
A device automatically generates this file in the flash memory after a lightning strike. The file records the total number of exceptions and the time when the latest five exceptions occur.

why there is a lightningstrikerecord.txt file at Device Flash
The S2700 device automatically generates this file in Flash after a single lightning strike, which records the total number of times which the device has occurred and the last 5 occurrences of the exception.

How can I clear logs on a WLAN device
Logs generated on a WLAN device are saved in the log buffer. After the number of logs reaches the specified threshold, the logs are saved to the syslogfile or logfile folder in the device's flash memory. When the WLAN device has been running for a long time, it generates a large number of logs. In this case, you can run the info-center max-logfile-number command to set the maximum number of logs to be saved on the device. You can clear all logs in the buffer and the flash memory. 1. Clear logs in the log buffer or trap buffer. - Run the reset logbuffer command in the user view to clear logs in the log buffer. - Run the reset trapbuffer command in the user view to clear traps in the trap buffer. 2. Clear log files in the flash memory. Run the delete command in the user view to delete log files in the flash memory. To delete logs in the logfile folder, perform the following operations: - delete flash:/logfile/xxx //Delete a log record. xxx specifies the log file name saved in the flash memory. - delete /unreserved flash:/logfile/xxx //Permanently delete a log record, which cannot be restored. - reset recycle-bin //Empty the recycle bin.

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