How do I disable RIP automatic summarization of S series switches?


For S series switches that support RIP, route summarization can be used to reduce the routing table size. By default, classful summarization is enabled for RIP-2. To broadcast all subnet routes, you can run the undo summary command in the RIP view to disable automatic route summarization of RIP-2. The operation method is as follows:
# Disable classful summarization of RIP-2.
[HUAWEI] rip 1
[HUAWEI-rip-1] version 2
[HUAWEI-rip-1] undo summary

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How to configure RIP on S series switches
For details on how to configure basic RIP functions on S series switches, click Example for Configuring Basic RIP Functions

Do S series switches support RIP?
For details about routing features supported by S series switches of different models: - S12700: See "IP Unicast Routing" in S12700 Product Use Precautions. - S7700 and S9700: See "IP Unicast Routing" in S7700&S9700 Product Use Precautions. - S9300: See "IP Unicast Routing" in S9300&S9300E&S9300X Product Use Precautions. - S1720, S2700, S3700, S5700, and S6700: See "IP Unicast Routing" in S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Product Use Precautions. - S600: See "IP Unicast Routing" in S600-E Product Use Precautions.

How do I disable SNMP on S series switches
For S series switches (except S1700), you can use the snmp-agent command to enable or disable SNMP on a device. The method of disabling SNMP on a device is as follows: [HUAWEI] undo snmp-agent

How to disable wireless signals of a WLAN device
To save energy or ensure security, run the following commands to disable AP radios or WLAN services: 1. Disable a specified radio. - For AC+Fit AP networking V200R005: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] ap 0 radio 0 [AC6605-wlan-radio-0/0] undo radio enable For V200R006: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] ap-id 1 [AC6605-wlan-ap-1] radio 0 [AC6605-wlan-radio-1/0] radio disable Warning: This action may cause service interruption. Continue?[Y/N]y - For Fat APs V200R005: [Huawei] interface wlan-radio 0/0/0 [Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0] undo radio enable For V200R006: [Huawei] interface wlan-radio 0/0/0 [Huawei-Wlan-Radio0/0/0] radio disable Warning: This action may cause service interruption. Continue?[Y/N]y 2. Prevent users from accessing the WLAN in the specified time range. For V200R005: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] auto-off service ess service-set id 0 start-time 01:00:00 end-time 07:00:00 //Disable the service set with ID 0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. For V200R006: [HUAWEI]wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view]vap-profile name vap1 [HUAWEI-wlan-vap-prof-vap1]auto-off service start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable a VAP from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. 3. Disable an AP radio in a scheduled time using the auto-off service radio command (V200R005). For AC+Fit AP networking: [AC6605] wlan [AC6605-wlan-view] auto-off service radio ap-id 0 radio-id 0 start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable radios 0 of AP 0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00. For Fat APs: [Huawei] wlan [Huawei-wlan-view] auto-off service radio interface wlan-radio0/0/0 start-time 1:00:00 end-time 7:00:00 //Disable AP interface wlan-radio0/0/0 from 1:00:00 to 7:00:00.

How do I disable the function of automatically prolonging a conference on the SMC2.0?
The policy for automatically prolonging a conference on the SMC2.0 is as follows: 1. In versions earlier than R003, a common conference is not automatically prolonged. You need to manually prolong a common conference. An ad hoc conference is automatically prolonged by default. 2. In the R003 version, both ad hoc and common conferences are prolonged automatically. The Maximum conference extension time and Minimum conference extension time parameters can be set on the SMC2.0. The maximum duration ranges from 360 to 99999, in minutes. The minimum duration is 10 minutes. 3. In the V500R002 version, you can disable the function of automatically prolonging a conference. The procedure is as follows: 1. Log in to the SMC2.0 and choose System > Settings > Conference Settings. 2. Deselect Enable automatic extension for ordinary conferences.

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