How many policy routes can be supported by S switch ?


The S switch can support 4 policy routes, it means that it can support 4 nexthops in one traffic behavior.

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Does an AR router support policy-based routing
All models of AR routers support policy-based routing.

PoE power module of an S series switch
Configuration and power of PoE power modules on S series switches are as follows: The fixed series switches that have PWR or PWH in their names support PoE. 1. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query the configuration and power of PoE power modules on S series switches. 2. Among modular switches (S7700, S9700, S9300, and S12700), only the S7700 and S9300 support the PoE function. If a switch is running V200R006 or a later version, it allows 800 W AC, 2200 W AC, and 2200 W DC power modules in PoE power slots. If the input voltage is 220 V AC, the PoE power is 800 W or 2200 W. If the input voltage is 110 V AC, the PoE power is 400 W or 1100 W (the S7712 and S9312 do not support 110 V AC). Only ES0D0G48VA00 cards of the S7700 and LE0DG48VEA00 cards of the S9300 support the PoE function. Dual power modules with the same power can be installed to provide power for PDs in load balancing mode. The total power is the sum of two power modules. The number of PoE interfaces supported by a switch is the result of dividing the available PoE power by 15.4 W (802.3af), 30 W (802.3at), or 60 W (802.3bt). Generally, a 250 W power module supports eight interfaces of 15.4 W. A 500 W power module supports 24 interfaces of 15.4 W and 12 interfaces of 30 W. For details, see Tell You About PoE.

How to configure policy route on S switch?
For example: we will redirect the traffic will will enter GE2/0/1,the source ip is, the nexthop will be redirected to,the source ip is, the nexthop will be redirected to�?working flow�?1. Configure acl to match the traffic which need be redirected. [Switch] acl 3001 [Switch-acl-adv-3001] rule permit ip source [Switch-acl-adv-3001] quit [Switch] acl 3002 [Switch-acl-adv-3002] rule permit ip source [Switch-acl-adv-3002] quit 2. Configure traffic classification. [Switch] traffic classifier c1 operator or [Switch-classifier-c1] if-match acl 3001 [Switch-classifier-c1] quit [Switch] traffic classifier c2 operator or [Switch-classifier-c2] if-match acl 3002 [Switch-classifier-c2] quit 3. Configure traffic behavior. [Switch] traffic behavior b1 [Switch-behavior-b1] redirect ip-nexthop [Switch-behavior-b1] quit [Switch] traffic behavior b2 [Switch-behavior-b2] redirect ip-nexthop [Switch-behavior-b2] quit 4. Configure traffic policy. [Switch] traffic policy p1 [Switch-trafficpolicy-p1] classifier c1 behavior b1 [Switch-trafficpolicy-p1] classifier c2 behavior b2 [Switch-trafficpolicy-p1] quit 5. Apply the traffic policy on the interface. [Switch] interface gigabitethernet 2/0/1 [Switch-GigabitEthernet2/0/1] traffic-policy p1 inbound [Switch-GigabitEthernet2/0/1] return Notes�?we can configure multiple classifier and behavior in one policy.

Does S switch support policy route ?

How Many AS Policies Can Be Enabled?

Enable one or more AS policies as required.

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