How does the S switch process the data if the data mismatched the acl?


If the data matched the acl, it will be processed through policy, if the data mismatched the acl, it will be forwarded through routing table.

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How does an S series switch process UDP packets when it functions as a Layer 2 switch
If an S series switch (except the S1700) functions as a Layer 2 switch, it does not identify UDP or TCP packets by default. The switch only forwards packets based on its original MAC address table.

Why does the NMS display incorrect NetStream data or no NetStream data after NetStream is enabled on an S series switch
1. The NMS has not imported the NetStream MIB, which is a Huawei Proprietary MIB. 2. The NetStream packet version configured on the switch is different from that configured on the NMS. Run the display netstream command on the switch to check the NetStream configuration. 3. The interface index configured on the switch does not match the NetStream packet version. V5 and V8 do not support 32-bit interface indexes. If a 32-bit interface index is configured, the NetStream packet version must be set to V9.

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Kafka adopts data disk persistency, zero-copy, batch data sending, and multi-partition creation methods to improve data throughput.

What are the advantages of FusionInsight Miner in data processing?
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