Are RPS cables hot swappable


Like common power cables, RPS cables are not hot swappable. When using an RPS cable, follow these instructions:
-To power on an AR router, connect the AR router and RPS using an RPS cable, and then turn on the power switches of the AR router and RPS.
-To power off an AR router, turn off the switches of the AR router and RPS, and then remove the RPS cable.

Other related questions:
Are the main control boards and LPUs hot swappable
All the main control boards and LPUs of the S7700&S9700 are hot swappable. In addition, the fans and power supplies are hot swappable. The ES0D00FSUA00, ES02VSTSA, and EH1D2VS08000 are not hot swappable. NOTE: Before removing the master main control board, perform an active/standby switchover. For details, see the description of main control board replacement in Hardware Installation and Maintenance Guide.

Is cluster card or cable of S series switch hot swappable
On an S series modular switch, the ES02VSTSA (S7700), LE0D0VSTSA00 (S9300), and EH1D2VS08000 (S9700) boards are not hot swappable, and the EH1D2VS08000 (S12700) is hot swappable. Cluster cables are hot swappable, but hot swapping of the cluster cables will degrade cluster bandwidth.

Are power cables and power modules of CE series switches hot swappable
For CE series switches: - All power modules of CE series switches are hot swappable. - All power cables are hot swappable if they are connected to matching power modules.

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