What is the meaning of management marked on some interfaces on the device panel


The interfaces marked with management are the management network interfaces. They are used to load the system file or configuration file in the BootROM menu.
You are not advised to configure the interfaces to be marked with management in the BootROM menu.

Other related questions:
Can the management interfaces of AR routers with the management marks be used as service interfaces
The management interfaces with the management marks of AR routers can be used as service interfaces. The management mark indicates that the management interfaces are used when software needs to be loaded in the FTP method from the BootROM menu during router startup.

Meaning of the exclamation mark before a node on DeviceManager
The exclamation mark before a node on DeviceManager indicates that alarms and events are reported on the node. If the node status is normal, the current problems do not affect the proper running of the node.

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