Why are the VPN routes learnt from the peer incorrect


Perform the following steps to solve this problem:

Ensure that the vpn-instance-capability simple command is not run on the Provider Edge (PE) router at either end.
Check that domain identifiers are configured on both PEs and that at least one domain identifier (level-2 identifier or level-1 identifier) matches the identifier of the other router.
Check whether the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) neighbor relationship is established.
Check whether the BGP route is correct.

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Why is the CAR or GTS sometimes incorrect
The committed access rate (CAR) or generic traffic shaping (GTS) is set by the AR main control board or interface board based on traffic volume. If the CAR or GTS is set by the interface board, the accuracy depends on the granularity of the rate limit. Within a specified granularity range, all CAR or GTS values are correct. In addition, different bearer links may trigger the protocol encapsulation correction.

Why is the OSPF default cost incorrect
For example, after the OSPF process is enabled on the device, the information about the interface is displayed. The output information shows that the default OSPF cost of an Ethernet interface is 7. Generally, the default OSPF cost is 1. The default cost of an OSPF interface is calculated based on the bandwidth and bandwidth-reference. Bandwidth-reference is configured under the OSPF process. Normally, the default bandwidth-reference value is used. If the default bandwidth is 100 Mbit/s, the OSPF cost is calculated as 1.

Why are the VPN routes learned from a peer by an S series switch are incorrect
Question: Why the VPN routes learned from a peer are incorrect? Answer: Perform the following operations on the S series switch to solve the problem. Ensure that the vpn-instance-capability simple command has not been executed on the local and peer PEs. Ensure that the PEs on both ends are configured with field identifiers, of which at least one identifier (Level 2 identifier or Level 1 identifier) matches the identifier on the other PE. Check whether the BGP adjacency reaches the Establish state. Check whether the BGP route is correct.

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