How long is the LSA refresh interval


Defined in RFC 2328, the 1800-second interval cannot be changed.

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How long is the NTP synchronization interval on the switch
The maximum NTP synchronization interval on the switch is 210 seconds. The interval for clock synchronization between the NTP client and server is not fixed and depends on the clock precision. A higher clock precision results in a longer synchronization interval. The synchronization interval depends on the following factors: 1.Time difference between the client and server 2.Frequency offset of the clock on the client compared with the clock on the server.

What does the OSPF LSA refresh interval mean
When an OSPF link state advertisement (LSA) age reaches the link-state refresh time (1800 seconds), the OSPF updates the LSAs for advertisement.

What is the LSA retransmit interval and how to set it
OSPF must send an LSAck packet after receiving a link-state advertisement (LSA). LSAs are retransmitted until they are acknowledged. The link-state retransmit interval defines the time between retransmissions. You can run the ospf timer retransmit interval command to set the retransmit interval. The default interval is 5 seconds.

OSPF LSA update interval
On S series switches supporting OSPF, OSPF updates and advertises a generated LSA every 1800 seconds (LSA link status update interval). The interval 1800s is defined by RFC 2328 and cannot be modified.

Set the interval at which OSPF LSAs are retransmitted on S series switches
An OSPF-enabled S series switch sends an acknowledgement packet after receiving an LSA packet. If a device does not receive any acknowledgement packet, it retransmits the LSA to its peer device. The link-state retransmit interval parameter specifies the interval at which the LSA is retransmitted. The default value is 5, in seconds. You can run the ospf timer retransmit interval command in the interface view to reset a value.

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