Must all the devices on an OSPF NBMA network be fully meshed


All the devices on an OSPF Non-Boadcast Multi-Access (NBMA) network do not need to be fully meshed. Only the designated router (DR), backup designated router (BDR), and all the neighbors need to be reachable by IP address. Though DR election is not definite, you can set the priority of another device to 0 to prevent the interface from being elected as DR. For a robust network, it is recommended that all the devices on an NBMA network be fully meshed.

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Can the OSPF network type be configured as P2P or NBMA
This configuration, however, is not recommended unless necessary or you are aware of the consequences of modifying the default network type. A beginner may believe that the broadcast and P2P networks in OSPF must also be broadcast or P2P at the link layer. Actually, the OSPF network type is independent of the physical media and link layer protocol.

Must all S series switches on an OSPF NBMA network be fully meshed
Question: Must all devices on an OSPF NBMA network be fully meshed? Answer: No, devices on an OSPF NBMA network do not need to be fully meshed. For S series switches supporting OSPF, routes between the DR, BDR, and IP addresses of neighbors must be reachable. If the DR is not determined, you can set the priority of a device to 0 and then the device cannot be the DR. To ensure network robustness, you are advised to build a full mesh NBMA network.

Do all Huawei APs support Mesh functions
Starting from V200R003C00, all Huawei APs support the Mesh function except the AD9430DN-24 (including the mapping RRUs), AD9430DN-12 (including the mapping RRUs), AP7030DE, AP9330DN, AP6310SN-GN, AP2030DN and AP2010DN.

Can non-Huawei devices interconnect with a Mesh network
In Mesh networking, Huawei APs cannot interoperate with non-Huawei devices.

Do WLAN devices support the Mesh function
Fat APs do not support the Mesh function. From V200R005C10, the AP9130DN (Fat AP) can function as a vehicle-mounted AP in vehicle-ground communication scenarios. Because vehicle-mounted APs communicate with trackside APs through Mesh links, the Mesh function can be configured for Fat APs since V200R005C10. However, Fat APs can be used only as vehicle-mounted APs in vehicle-ground communication scenarios, but cannot be used for bridging. Currently, the Mesh function is supported only in the AC+Fit AP architecture. However, in this architecture, the AP6310SN-GN, AP2010DN, AP2030DN, AP7030DE, AP9330DN, AD9430DN-24 (including connected RUs), and AD9430DN-12 (including connected RUs) do not support the Mesh function. For more information about Mesh configurations, see: V200R005: Mesh Configuration. V200R006: Mesh Configuration.

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