Does the DHCP relay support round robin on the device


In V100R006C00 and later versions, the DHCP relay supports round robin. By default, round robin is disabled. To enable round robin, run the ip relay address cycle command in the system view.

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What is the support of DHCP on an AR
The support for DHCP functions on the AR is as follows: - DHCP server: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP server. - DHCP relay: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP relay agent. - DHCP snooping: Starting from V200R003C00, all AR models support DHCP snooping. - DHCP client: All AR models of all versions support the DHCP client.

Simple round robin algorithms in SLB on the USG9000 series
The round robin algorithm allocates service requests to servers in turn.

Whether the USG6000 virtual firewall supports DHCP
The USG6000 virtual system supports configuring DHCP and DHCP relay but not DHCPv6 or DHCP Snooping. The configuration commands are the same as those for the root system. For details, see the DHCP chapter of the product documentation.

Does the switch support combination of DHCP snooping and DHCP relay
DHCP snooping and DHCP relay can be configured simultaneously on the switch. If DHCP relay and VRRP are configured, DHCP snooping cannot be configured on the switch.

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