S series switches problem with VLSM


S series switches (except S1700) support VLSM to divide subnet, support 31-bit mask

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Adaptation problem of cards on S series switches
Most of the cards of different switch models are not interchangeable. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query card models supported by specified switches.

Slot problem of LPUs on S series switches
LPUs of S series switches can be installed in any LPU slots. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query specified slots of modular switches.

S series switches routing protocol priority problem
default: - Direct�? - OSPF�?0 - IS-IS�?5 - Static�?0 - RIP�?00 - OSPF ASE�?50 - OSPF NSSA�?50 - IBGP�?55 - EBGP�?55

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