S series switches how to view the size of an IP traffic


S series switches can not view the traffic size of a particular IP.

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Check the PoE status on an S series switch
Command for displaying PoE status of S series switches:

<HUAWEI> display poe information
PSE Information of slot 0:
    User Set Max Power(mW)     : 739200     //Set the maximum output power. Use the maximum power by default.
    POE Power Supply(mW)       : 369600     //PoE power supply, which is determined by the PoE power supply configured on the device.
    Available Total Power(mW)  : 369600     //Total available power.
    Total Power Consumption(mW): 0          //Total output power.     
    Power Peak Value(mW)       : 0          //Peak output power.  
    Power-Management Mode      : auto
    Power High Inrush          : disable

<HUAWEI> display poe power interface gigabitethernet 0/0/3
Port PD power(mW)           : 3710          //Output power of the interface.                                           
Port PD class               : 2             //Classes of PDs. The system classifies PDs based on their maximum power.                                           
Port PD reference power(mW) : 7000          //Reference power of the PD.                                   
Port user set max power(mW) : 15400         //Set the maximum output power of the port.                                    
Port PD peak power(mW)      : 3816          //Peak power of the PDs connected to the port.                                          
Port PD average power(mW)   : 3487          //Average power of the PDs connected to the port.    

View VLANs mapped to IP addresses of clients connected to S series switches
On S series switches, you can view ARP entries to obtain the VLANs mapped to the IP addresses of clients connected to the switches. The following is an example: [HUAWEI] display arp all IP ADDRESS MAC ADDRESS EXPIRE(M) TYPE INTERFACE VPN-INSTANCE VLAN/CEVLAN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00e0-0987-7890 I - Eth0/0/0 0000-5e00-0149 20 D-0 Eth0/0/0 00e0-0987-7899 I - GE6/1/1 aaaa-bbbb-cc92 12 D-0 Eth-Trunk1 11/- ac85-3da6-a420 16 D-0 Eth-Trunk1 11/- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total:5 Dynamic:3 Static:0 Interface:2 The two clients with the IP addresses and belong to VLAN 11.

The method of S series switches to view the IP address of the interface
S series switches (except S1700) There are two ways to view the IP address of the specified interface: - Run the "display ip interface brief [interface-type [interface-number]]" command in any view to check the IP configuration information of the interface. - Run the "display this" command to check the IP address configured on the interface.

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