DDNS support on S series switch


The Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) updates the mappings between domain names and IP addresses on the DNS server, so that the DNS server can resolve the domain names into correct IP addresses. Currently, S series switches do not support DDNS.

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DDNSs supported by the USG2000&5000 series
The USG2000&5000 series devices support the updated DDNS function through the DDNS server. The device serves as the DDNS client and dynamically updates the mapping between the domain name and IP address on the DNS server through the DDNS server to ensure that the correct IP address is obtained after domain name resolution.

DDNS service providers supported by USG firewalls
Currently, the USG2000, USG5000, and USG6000 support the following DDNS service providers: www.3322.org, dyndns.org, freedns.afraid.org, zoneedit.com, and no-ip.com.

DHCPv6 support on S series switch
Versions and models of S series switches (except S1700 switches) that support DHCPv6 are as follows: - S9300 and S7700 series switches in V100R003 and later versions - S3700SI, S3700EI, S5700SI, and S5700EI switches in V100R005 and later versions - S3700HI, S5700HI, and S6700EI switches in V100R006 and later versions - S9700 series, S5700LI, S5700S-LI, S5710-C-LI, and S5710EI switches in V200R001 and later versions - S2750EI and S5710HI switches in V200R003 and later versions - S12708 and S12712 switches in V200R005 and later versions - S1720, S2720EI, and S5720HI switches in V200R006 and later versions - S5720EI switches in V200R007 and later versions

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