Which versions of S series switch functioning as DHCP server can return requested options to clients


When an S series switches (except S1700 switches) functions as a DHCP server, it encapsulates an option field in the Reply message sent to a client only when: 1) The Request message sent by the client requests the option; 2) The option is configured in the address pool on the server.

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In which situation can an S series switch send the option field in Request messages to a client
For S series switches excluding the S1700, the DHCP server returns the corresponding option field to a client only when the corresponding option field is encapsulated in the Request message.

Function of DHCP Request packets on S series switch
For S series switches, DHCP Request messages are sent in the following conditions: - Respond to the DHCP Offer message sent by DHCP servers. - Notify the selected DHCP server using the server identifier option. - Check the allocated network addresses. - Apply for the valid period of addresses. - Extend the existing lease and prolong the lease period.

Can the NTP server function be disabled on an S series switch that functions as a client
You can run the ntp-service server disable command on an S series switch (except the S1700) to disable the NTP server function. Perform the following configuration: [HUAWEI] ntp-service server disable

When does the DHCP server start to ping a DHCP client
Starting from V100R006C00, upon receiving the Discover message, an S series switch starts to ping the IP addresses that the DHCP server will assign to a client. For details, see the dhcp server ping command.

DHCP option 60 support
S series switches (except S1700 switches) support the Option 60 field of DHCP Request packets only when they function as DHCP clients.

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