Number of supported static DHCP binding entries on S series switch


S series switches (except S1700 switches) support the static DHCP binding configuration. When configuring static DHCP binding, ensure that IP addresses to be bound exist in a DHCP address pool. If you want to know the maximum number of static DHCP binding entries that can be configured, send an email to

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Static DHCP binding on S series switch
In static DHCP binding mode, fixed IP addresses can be assigned to DHCP clients. Versions and models of S series switches except S1700 switches that support this function are as follows: - All switch models in V200R005 and later versions, except the S2720 in V200R006C10 - All switch models except the S5700LI, S5700S-LI, and S2750 in versions earlier than V200R005

Static DHCP binding error on S series switch
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), if the message "Error: The static-MAC is exist in this IP-pool" or "Error: The IP address's status is error" is displayed when you configure a static DHCP binding entry, the configuration will fail. The failure occurs because the IP address to bind has been assigned to a client, and an internal mapping entry has already been created on the switch. In this case, you can run the reset ip pool { interface pool-name | name ip-pool-name } { start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] | all | conflict | expired | used } command in the user view to manually reclaim the IP address in the address pool, and configure a new static binding entry.

Support of static DHCP binding by S series switches
You can assign fixed IP addresses to clients using static DHCP binding. The support by S series switches excluding the S1700 is as follows: - V200R005 and later versions: All switch models support this function excluding the S2720 in V200R006C10. - Earlier versions of V200R005: All switch models support this function excluding the S5700LI/S5700S-LI/S2750.

Static DHCP binding entries supported by S series switches
S series switches excluding the S1700 support static DHCP binding. Ensure that IP addresses exist in the address pool during static binding. In addition, to learn the maximum number of entries, you can contact Huawei technical support personnel.

Specifications of IPSG table entries on S series switches
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