Can the DHCP server assign IP addresses in ascending order


An S series switch used as the DHCP server assigns IP addresses to DHCP clients in descending order by default, which cannot be adjusted.

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Static DHCP binding supported by the AR
All AR models of all versions can allocate fixed IP addresses to clients.

Number of DHCP access users supported by the AR
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Causes for PCs obtain the same IP address through the S series switch
The S series switch is used as the DHCP server to assign IP addresses to PCs: 1. If a DHCP client connects to a network again, the DHCP client broadcasts a DHCP Request packet carrying the IP address that the client has used. The used IP address is added in the Option50 field of packets. After receiving the DHCP Request message, the DHCP server checks whether the lease record exists based on the MAC address in the message. If so, the DHCP server replies with a DHCP ACK message to notify the DHCP client that the requested IP address can be used. If not, the DHCP server waits for a new DHCP Discover message from the client.

DHCP address allocation in ascending order
When functioning as a DHCP server, an S series switch allocates IP addresses to DHCP clients in descending order by default, and the order cannot be adjusted.

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