How to change the Linux system of the S series switch used as the DHCP server to the Windows system


When an S series switch excluding the S1700 functions as the DHCP server, the IP address remains unchanged if the Linux system is changed by the Windows system. There is no need to change other configurations.

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How to replace a Windows DHCP server with a Linux DHCP server
If the operating system of an S series switch (except an S1700 switch) that functions as a DHCP server is switched from Windows to Linux, its IP address remains unchanged and no other configuration is required.

Whether the operating system of GI945 can be changed to Windows
The operating system of GI945 cannot be changed from Linux to Windows.

Can the OceanStor ReplicationDirector server be deployed on Windows or Linux
The OceanStor ReplicationDirector server can be deployed on Windows or Linux.

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