Can a static IP address be allocated to different clients


S series switches except S1700 switches do not assign IP addresses in use to clients. Before assigning an IP address to a client, a switch functioning as the DHCP server sends ping packets to the IP address to prevent IP address conflicts.
You can run the dhcp server ping { packet number | timeout milliseconds } command in the system view to specify the maximum number of ping packets to be sent by a DHCP server and the maximum response time of a ping packet. If there is no response to the ping packet within the maximum response time, the DHCP server continues to send ping packets to this IP address until the number of ping packets reaches the maximum value. If there is still no response, this IP address is not in use and the DHCP server assigns the IP address to a client. This ensures that the IP address assigned to the client is unique.

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Can a static IP address be allocated to a 3G Cellular interface
In general, the IP address of a 3G Cellular interface is dynamically allocated by the network device. Allocating a static IP address to a 3G Cellular interface may result in dial-up failures.

Can addresses that cannot be allocated dynamically be used by clients
Run the excluded-ip-address start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] or dhcp server excluded-ip-address start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] command to configure the IP addresses that cannot be automatically allocated in the DHCP address pool. The IP addresses are used as reserved addresses and can be used when clients use static addresses.

Static DHCP binding on S series switch
In static DHCP binding mode, fixed IP addresses can be assigned to DHCP clients. Versions and models of S series switches except S1700 switches that support this function are as follows: - All switch models in V200R005 and later versions, except the S2720 in V200R006C10 - All switch models except the S5700LI, S5700S-LI, and S2750 in versions earlier than V200R005

Check IP addresses dynamically allocated to clients
On S series switches except S1700 switches, you can view IP addresses that have been dynamically assigned to users as follows: - If an interface address pool is used, run the display ip pool interface interface-pool-name used command. - If a global address pool is used, run the display ip pool name ip-pool-name used command. You can obtain the IP address used by each user according to the mapping between IP addresses and MAC addresses in the command output.

Failure to obtain IP addresses from DHCP server
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), a client may fail to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server due to the following: - Incorrect configuration - No available IP address in the address pool - STP enabled on the upper-layer access device of diskless workstations For the fault locating and troubleshooting procedure, see the section "A Client Fails to Obtain an IP Address from a DHCP Server" in Configuration Guide �?IP Service.

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