When the AR router is used as the web server, the web platform page is displayed slowly


The possible causes and solutions are as follows:
1. A problem occurs on the local PC. Solution: Clear historical records and cache data on the local PC; upgrade the browser to the latest version or change the browser; upgrade flash player plug-in.
2. System software problem. Solution: Upgrade the router software.
3. The web access mode is incorrect. Solution: Change the web access mode to HTTPS.

Other related questions:
Does the AR support the web
Starting from V200R002C01, the AR supports the web platform. You can use the web platform to manage and maintain AR routers on the GUI. V200R005C20SPC200 is recommended. For details, see Access Router Product Information Center.

How to upgrade the system software through the web NMS on an AR router
To upgrade the system software through the web NMS on an AR router, do as follows: 1. Choose System Management > Upgrade and Maintenance > System Software. 2. Click Browse, and select the system software to be uploaded. 3. Click Load to upload the system software to a device, and specify the software as the system software of the device during next-time startup. Restart the device to validate the configuration.

Incorrect display on the web platform
Incorrect display on the web platform If data caching is disabled, statistics may be incorrectly collected. The NMS needs to periodically obtain performance statistics (including AP and radio performance statistics, and information about users on an AP) from the AC that obtains information from APs. Data caching is a method to improve query performance, in which an AC periodically queries performance statistics and caches the data. When the NMS requires the data, it obtains the data from the cache but not from APs. Enable data caching. [HUAWEI] wlan [HUAWEI-wlan-view]ap data-collection enable

On the STA Management page of the AC's web platform, no STA is displayed
On the STA Management page, search results are displayed based on conditions, but not all STAs.

Why is the page displayed abnormally on the web platform
The page is displayed incorrectly on the web platform: The possible causes are: 1. The browser cache is faulty. When users access the web platform of different versions on a PC, the page may be displayed incorrectly. For example, the field label or the language is incorrect. In most cases, this problem is caused by the browser cache. To rectify the fault, clear the browser cache. 2. The browser settings are incorrect. Some settings of the browser may disable web page scripts. a. If you use Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options to display the Internet Options dialog box. Select the Security tab and click Custom Level to display the Security Settings dialog box. Select Medium-low or Medium from the Reset to drop-down list box, and then click Reset. Click OK to return to the Security tab page. Click the Trusted sites icon and click Sites. Add the IP address of the switch to the trusted sites. b. If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser, choose Tools > Options to display the Options dialog box. Click the Content tab, select the check box to enable JavaScript, and then click OK.

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