Downlink traffic fails to be forwarded after an active/standby switchover of the uplink devices of S series switches


For an S series switch (except the S1700 switch�?, when an active/standby switchover is performed on its uplink devices, the IP address of the uplink device does not change, but the MAC address of the uplink device changes. The switch cannot detect this change in traffic, and does not update the ARP entry. Therefore, the downlink traffic fails to be forwarded. On the switch, the default aging time of ARP entries is 20 minutes. After ARP entries age, the switch relearns the ARP entry of the uplink devices, and the traffic path is restored. You can set a shorter ARP aging time to shorten the traffic interruption time. In V100R006 or later versions, you can run the mac-address update arp command to rapidly associate MAC address entries with ARP entries. (This function is not supported by S1720, S2720, S275x, or S5700LI fixed switches.) After the configuration, APR entries are updated when MAC address entries change, shortening traffic interruption time within seconds.

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