Introduction to Native Vlan


Introduction to Native VLAN:
Native VLAN is equivalent to the default VLAN of interfaces. When receiving an untagged packet, the interface adds a Native VLAN tag to the packet. When sending a Native tag VLAN packet, the interface removes the tag.
The default VLAN is called PVID VLAN for Huawei switches and Native VLAN for switches of other vendors.

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What is MUX VLAN on S series switch
On S series switches (except S1700), Multiplex VLAN (MUX VLAN) provides a mechanism that controls network resources through VLANs. The MUX VLAN involves a principal VLAN and multiple subordinate VLANs. Subordinate VLANs are classified into group VLANs and separate VLANs. Member interfaces in subordinate VLANs can communicate with interfaces in the principal VLAN but cannot communicate with each other. Interfaces in a subordinate group VLAN can communicate with each other, but interfaces in a subordinate separate VLAN are isolated from each other.

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