Method used to activate a license file through authorization on the AR


Prerequisite: The ESN, authorization ID (LAC), activation code, or project contract ID is obtained.
1. Log in to ESDP Website , and choose License Activation > Entitlement Activation.
2. Search for activation items based on Huawei contract No. (authorization ID and activation ID) and select the authorization item to be activated.
3. Check whether the license file is correct, select the authorization item to be activated, enter the ESN to be bound, and click Activate License.
For more information, see License Usage Guide

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How to obtain a license file on the AR
After the license is successfully activated upon authorization, you can load the license file directly or download the license file on the NE management page.

Method used to activate the license on firewalls
You can activate the license as follows: In CLI mode: In the system view, run the license file command to activate the license file. system-view, [sysname] license file license.dat In web UI mode: Log in to the web UI, and choose System > License Management. Activate the license file. -Manual activation on local 1. Select Manual Activation on Local in License Activation Mode. 2. Click Browse, and select the license file to be uploaded. 3. Click Activate. -Online automatic activation a. Select Online Automatic Activation in License Activation Mode. 4. Enter License Center Domain Name and License Authorization Code in sequence. 5. Click Activate. Check whether the license is successfully activated. -In CLI mode: In any view, run the display license command to check the license information. display license -In web UI mode: Log in to the web UI home page or check the license information on the License Management page.

License activation method on S series switch
After loading a license file to an S series switch, except S1700, run the license active file-name command to activate the license file.
For example, if the following information is displayed, the license file has been activated:
<HUAWEI> license active lic_on216156_a3cc55b2eac_huawei.dat
Info: Verify license succeeded.
Info: The license is being activated. Please wait for a moment.
Info: Succeeded in activating the license file on the master board.

Method used to upgrade and combine license files
For the method used to upgrade and combine license files, see: FAQ-How Can I Upgrade and Combine License Files

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