Do I need to enable STP after an Eth-Trunk is configured on S series switches


You do not need to configure STP after an Eth-Trunk is configured on S series switches (except the S1700).

Other related questions:
Why do I need to set an STP cost value after STP is enabled on an Eth-Trunk
After STP is enabled on an Eth-Trunk, STP cost values change when member interfaces on the Eth-Trunk change. If the Eth-Trunk is the root interface on the STP, the STP protocol will recalculate the topology of the network connected to the Eth-Trunk. If some interfaces on the network connect to terminals such as PCs and are not configured as edge interfaces, services will be interrupted for 30 seconds.

Does the Eth-Trunk specifications change after S series switches are stacked together
Eth-Trunk specifications remain unchanged after S series switches (except the S1700) are stacked together.

Do I need to delete configurations on the interfaces of S series switches when they are configured to create an Eth-Trunk
When you configure an Eth-Trunk on S series switches (except the S1700), delete configurations on the member interfaces. Otherwise, the Eth-Trunk will fail.

Does STP need to be enabled if no loop exists on an S series switch
For S (except the S1700) series switches, STP is used to prevent loops on a network. If no loop exists, STP can be disabled.

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