Can the GTL license file of the AR router be manually modified


The GTL license file is encrypted. Once it is being manually modified, it cannot be used any more.

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What is the function of the GTL license revocation code of the AR router
When applying for a new license file, run the license revoke command to acquire a GTL license revocation code and then apply to Huawei for a new GTL license by using the revocation code. Additionally, the new license file needs to be loaded to the storage medium and obtains authorization of the corresponding service module.

What are functions of GTL license invalidation codes
Before applying for a new license, a user must run the license revoke command to obtain the invalidation code. The user needs to apply to Huawei for a new GTL license using the invalidation code and upload the GTL license file to the storage device.

Can files with modified extensions be filtered
Some types of files, such as TXT files, can bypass file filtering detection by modifying their extensions.

Whether the ServiceCenter License Validity Is Affected If the License File Is Modified
【Product�? ManageOne ServiceCenter 【Version�? 2.X 【Question�? Whether the ServiceCenter license validity is affected if the license file is modified? 【Answer�? Changing the name of the license file or adding spaces to the blank area of the license file does not affect the import and use of the license file. If the license file name extension is changed or a space or any other character is added to the character string of the license file, the license file fails to be imported. ----End

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