Do S series switches support inter-card link aggregation


Link aggregation configuration has no restrictions on the card specifications of S series modular switches. Inter-card link aggregation is supported on S series modular switches. For the detailed requirements, see the right pane.

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Configure link aggregation among cards on S series switches.
Note the following when you configure link aggregation on S series modular switches: 1. Interfaces of different Ethernet types or rates cannot be added to the same Eth-Trunk. For example, you cannot add GE interfaces and FE interfaces to the same Eth-Trunk, but you can add GE electrical interfaces and GE optical interfaces to the same Eth-Trunk. 2. The two ends of the Eth-Trunk must use the same number of interfaces, interface rate, duplex mode, and flow control configuration. 3. The remote interfaces directly connected to the local Eth-Trunk member interfaces must also be added to an Eth-Trunk; otherwise, the two ends cannot communicate. 4. When you connect the two devices, ensure the link aggregation modes on the two devices are the same. 5. There are strict limitations in link aggregation between boards. For more information about link aggregation configuration, see: Ethernet Switching-Link Aggregation in the S7700&S9700 Product Use Precautions. Ethernet Switching-Link Aggregation in the S9300&S9300E&S9300X Product Use Precautions. Ethernet Switching-Link Aggregation in the S12700 Product Use Precautions.

Link aggregation support on S series fixed switches
S series fixed switches (except the S1700) support the link aggregation function. For details about link aggregation support on the fixed switches, see the "Ethernet Switching - Link Aggregation" in the S1720&S2700&S3700&S5700&S6700 Product Use Precautions.

Do S series modular switches support inter-card mirroring
S series switches support inter-card mirroring. That is, a mirrored port and an observing port can reside on different cards.

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