What is the function of the preamble of a packet for S series switches


For S series switches (except the S1700), the preamble enables the receiving end to extract the clock time from the preamble so the receiving end can synchronize time with the transmitting end.

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Functions of the MODE button on S series switches
The MODE button on S series switches (except the S1700) has the following functions: - For versions earlier than V200R006C10, you can change the indicator to stack mode and show the stack ID. - For V200R006C10 and later versions, you can hold down the MODE button for 6 seconds to start the web initial login mode.

What are functions of the router port on an S series switch?
IGMP Report and Leave messages need to be forwarded to the router port to maintain protocol correctness. If no router port is configured on the device enabled with IGMP snooping, IGMP Report messages may fail to be forwarded to the upstream device, causing a multicast traffic interruption.

Function of DHCP Request packets on S series switch
For S series switches, DHCP Request messages are sent in the following conditions: - Respond to the DHCP Offer message sent by DHCP servers. - Notify the selected DHCP server using the server identifier option. - Check the allocated network addresses. - Apply for the valid period of addresses. - Extend the existing lease and prolong the lease period.

What functions on S series switches can analyze source and destination IP addresses in data packets
NetStream and sFlow supported by S series switches (except S1700 switches) can analyze information about network flows, such as source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and interfaces in data packets.

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