The voice VLAN is configured in auto mode. Why voice services are interrupted after the timer expires


From V100R005 to V200R002, when the voice VLAN on the switch interface is configured to work in auto mode and the aging time is reached, voice flows are sent to the switch itself. Then the switch delivers entries about packet priority change. As a result, packets sent to the switch are not forwarded, and packet loss occurs. When this occurs, change the auto mode to manual mode and add the interface to the voice VLAN.

Other related questions:
What is the voice VLAN
A voice VLAN refers to a VLAN used to transmit voice data flows. You can create a voice VLAN and add the interface connected to a voice device to the voice VLAN. Then voice data flows can be transmitted on the voice VLAN, ensuring the voice data transmission quality.

What is a voice VLAN of an AR router
A voice VLAN is divided for user voice data flow. By creating such a voice VLAN and adding the interface that connects to a voice device to the voice VLAN, voice data flow can be transmitted on the voice VLAN to ensure transmission quality.

Which voice service modes do AR series routers support
Currently, AR series routers support the following two voice service modes: Session Initiation Protocol access gateway (SIP AG) ,H.248 access gateway (H248AG) and private branch exchange (PBX). You can run the display voice service-mode command to view the voice service modes of the current AR. To switch between modes, run the service-mode { sipag | h248ag | pbx } command in the voice view. NOTE: Before switching voice modes, delete all configuration data in current mode. Change and save the new configuration, and reboot the device to enable the new mode.

Why is service (such as voice) interrupted after being configured with NAT or firewall
The aging time of session table is shorter than the aging time of the service. The session table is aged out, while the service is not. The service packets sent after session table aging are discarded, so the service is interrupted. Run the firewall-nat session aging-time command to increase the TCP/UDP timeout interval.

How to configure and use the voice conference service
If the U1900 of V200R003 or later is used, see Configuration > Feature Guide > Voice Meeting in the U1900 product documentation .

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