How do cards of different types support link aggregation


Link aggregation has no restriction on service card specifications. For details about restrictions on Eth-Trunk member interfaces, see corresponding configuration and command reference manuals. You are not advised to add interfaces of different rates to the same Eth-Trunk interface, because this configuration may waste resources and cause packet loss. (The X16SFC/X40SFC does not support link aggregation with other types of cards).

Other related questions:
Does the 24-interface LAN card support link aggregation
The 24-interface LAN card supports link aggregation.

Whether the firewall supports link aggregation
The USG2000&5000&6000 support manual link aggregation and static LACP mode link aggregation.

Do S series switches support inter-card link aggregation
Link aggregation configuration has no restrictions on the card specifications of S series modular switches. Inter-card link aggregation is supported on S series modular switches. For the detailed requirements, see the right pane.

Whether an LEM18 board on an OSN 1800 supports link aggregation
An LEM18 board on an OSN 1800 supports manual and static aggregation, load sharing, and non-load sharing.

Do WLAN devices support Ethernet link aggregation
Currently, all Huawei ACs and only APs with dual network ports (such as the AP5030DN) support Ethernet link aggregation.

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