How to allow IP phones to connect to a switch in untagged mode


To allow IP phones that do not use LLDP to connect to a switch in untagged mode, you can configure basic parameters for the voice VLAN and run the mac-vlan command to add a voice VLAN tag to the port for connecting to IP phones based on the OUI.

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Enable and disable PoE on an S series switch
Enable or disable the PoE function on S series switches:

1. By default, the PoE function is enabled on an interface
2. Enable or disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI]interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]undo poe enable  //Disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]poe enable       //Enable PoE power supply.

The downlink electrical interfaces of PoE switches support PoE power supply, with up to 30 W power on each interface. The maximum power supply distance is 100 m.
Only ES0D0G48VA00 (S7700)/LE0DG48VEA00 (S9300) cards of modular switches (S7700/S9700/S9300/S12700) support PoE power supply.

If the switch connects to 48 V standard PoE powered devices but cannot negotiate power supply capabilities with the devices, you can run poe force-power on the interfaces to forcibly power on the devices.

When the eSpace 7900 series or 8950 IP phone is connected to the PC in series, how to configure different VLANs for the phone and PC?
The IP phone and PC can be in different VLANs, but in the scenario where the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used, the IP phone and PC cannot be allocated in different VLANs.

Can analog phones be connected to the IP-Phone Console of the U1930
Analog phones can be connected to the IP-Phone Console of the U1930. If the console service is configured on the U1930 and the corresponding license is available, analog phones can sign in to the console by dialing access prefix*65*7777#.

How many phones can be connected to a U1960
A U1960 supports a maximum of 1000 users. If all users use IP phones and each IP phone registers one SIP account, a maximum of 1000 IP phones are supported. However, the actual number of IP phones supported is determined by the license. The number of analog phones supported is related to the license and the OSU/ASI board configured. A maximum of six ASI boards can be configured on the U1960, supporting 186 analog phones.

What is the method for configuring the fax service for IP phones under the U1900?
An IP fax machine can be regarded as an IP phone. You can configure the IP fax service by referring to the IP phone configuration procedures.

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